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LG’s HS8 wireless soundbar apes the curved sweet spot of its 4K Ultra HD TVs

LG’s latest wireless soundbar rocks a design that not only mimics the shape of its curved TVs, but attempts to replicate the ‘sweet spot’ effect too. 

The new Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Soundbar boasts a 4.1 channel speaker which promises a more immersive audio experience as it projects sound towards a focal point. 

Four tweeters, two front-facers with one on either side, promise to replicate the immersion that the curved display ostensibly replicates. The thinking behind curved TV screens is that more information is directed towards the peripheries of your vision. 

Min Byung-hoon, senior vice president of the LG Home Entertainment’s consumer audio visual division said that this design choice means the speakers fit the profile of your curved TV. 

“As a company that brought to market stunning looking curved TVs, it’s only natural that we also follow up with a curved audio product to match,” Byung-hoon said.

“In the digital age, the way consumers listen to music has changed dramatically and LG Music Flow is our response to movie and music lovers’ desire for beautiful devices that perform as well as they look.” 

As well as blasting sound at your lugholes from four angles, the Music Flow HS8 speakers also play ball with Google Play Music and TuneIn Radio, meaning you’ll be able to turn your TV into a party system too. It’s not yet confirmed if Spotify is supported (though we expect that it will be) or even LG’s just-announced Hi-Fi service will work with the Music Flow HS8, but we’ll know soon enough. You’ll also be able to stream any audio files stored locally on your phone, should you find any Beatles-shaped holes on any of those services. 

Whether the shape actually makes a difference or not is, in our experience, mainly down to personal preference; some of us at Recombu prefer concave screens while some of us can’t really tell the difference between this and a flat panel. 

As LG will be showing off the Music Flow HS8 at IFA 2015 in Berlin we’ll be able to bring you an ears-on report of how it all works and whether that shape actually makes a difference – or if it’s mainly been designed to be congruent with LG’s bendy tellies. 

The Music Flow HS8 is due out in the UK later this month and will go for around £700. 

LG Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Soundbar specifications

  • Auto Music Play: Syncs with user’s mobile devices via Wi-Fi to transfer music automatically to the Soundbar
  • Network: WiFi / Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sound: i-Sound / 4 Tweeters (2 Front, 1 Left, 1 Right) / LG Auto Sound Engine / SFX for Stereo Surround Sound / 24bit/192KHz Sampling / LG Sound Sync
  • Power: 4.1 Channel Speaker System / 360W
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 1200mm x 43mm x 82mm
  • Wall mountable
  • Compatible with TV remotes


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