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LG launches 55-inch Full HD OLED TV for a more affordable £3,000

LG has launched its new 55-inch curved Full HD OLED TV in the UK – and it’ll set you back just £3,000. 

LG launched its first 55-inch curved OLED last September last year for £8,000. Now that 4K curved OLEDs are about to hit the market at four figure prices, the cost of getting a high-end Full HD TV has fallen. 

The LG EC930V is just 80mm deep, comes in a fetching brushed metal jacket and can be wall mounted.

As well as looking beautiful on the outisde, LG says that its WRGB – white, red, green and blue – technology means its TVs can provide higher levels of contrast as well as richer colours, compared to equivalent RGB displays.  



The LG EC930V is around £5k less than its predecessor
Grand designs: The LG EC930V is around £5,000 less than its predecessor

The extra white sub-pixel allows for a greater range of shades and tones to be delivered while the natural properties of the OLED panel allows for deeper blacks, all adding up to a TV capable of displaying high levels of contrast and a greater colour palette that what you’d get on a similarly-sized LCD or LED TV. 

Andy Mackay, UK commercial director of consumer electronics at LG Electronics said: “It’s clear from Test & Recommendation that OLED is the Ultimate Display and we passionately believe all consumers should have the opportunity to enjoy and see the difference of LG OLED TV. We are committed to OLED TV to deliver true colours, wide angle viewing and the perfect viewing experience.” 

OLED and WRGB aside, LG’s 55-inch curved HD TV comes with a large host of on-demand services including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Now TV pre-installed. The EC930V is the latest LG smart TV to run on WebOS, the operating system LG purchased from HP in 2013. 

WebOS is all about making smart TV simple – the labyrinthine menus of old are replaced with a colourful system of cards that’s not unlike the tray of icons that pop up on Mac OS. You can zip through the menus using the included LG Magic Remote which features a voice controls and a scrollwheel.  

The LG EC930V is available from John Lewis, Richer Sounds and Currys and will be available from other retailers soon.