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LG On Now smart TVs use Gracenote’s eyeQ to make finding your favourites easier

LG’s forthcoming On Now smart TV service will use Gracenote’s eyeQ technology to make finding your favourite TV shows easier. 

Whether they’re on broadcast channels like BBC One or on-demand platforms like Netflix, getting your favourite shows up on your smart TV screen should be a breeze thanks to LG and Gracenote’s partnership. 

Gracenote, a company perhaps better known for their audio recognition software, will add regular things like schedules, programme descriptions, images and cover art, making searching for shows a more information-rich and visually pleasing experience. 

Read our guide to LG smart TVsAs well as being easy on the eye, the main focus of the eyeQ user interface is to make content discovery faster.

The Gracenote database also powers things like SyFy’s amazing second screen companion app and the recommendations offered to Sony’s smart TV viewers. As well as getting a wealth of recommendations, LG viewers will also benefit from an improved user interface that promises to minimise the amount of time you spend wading through choices. 

Stephen White, president, Gracenote says that because of this, LG smart TV owners will have an easier time finding the shows they love. 

“LG is now ahead of the curve in terms of the smart TV user experience, incorporating descriptive data and rich images to help simplify discovery. 

“For smart TVs to truly make an impact among consumers, the experience has to evolve to make it easy for viewers to find the shows they love and also discover new programs to watch.” 

Gracenote’s eyeQ will be offered as a free software update to all LG smart TV’s, with the UK and Spain the first countries to benefit when rollout commences later this year. 


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