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LiFi technology to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress

LiFi, the technology that transmits data using LED lights, will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress taken place in Barcelona later this month.

French firm Sunpartner Technologies will showcase a number of prototypes using the technology, such as mobile phones, sensors, watches, electronic shelf labels, phone casings and covers.

These devices will demonstrate the ability of device to use solar energy to recharge (using a technologies called Wysips Crystal and Wysips Cameleon) and transmit data through LiFi (using a technology called Wysips Connect).

Wysips Crystal uses a thin film of crystal glass to turn a screen on a smartphone, tablet or even watch into a solar panel. It starts recharging the battery whenever light hits the surface. While Wysips Cameleon generates energy from opaque surfaces. The technology, under typical conditions, can generate as much as 15 per cent of the phones battery life per day.

Wysips Connect uses LiFi to send and receive data through light waves. It’s also called VLC, or Visible Light Communication. The technology uses LED lights to transmit at broadband speeds.

The technology can be used to provide access to location information and navigation services inside buildings. LiFi devices with Wysips Connect can help users find their way indoors, in museums, shopping centres, airports, and railway stations. It could also provide internet access through light in hospitals, airplanes, and secured sites without exposing users to electromagnetic waves and without interfering with other equipment using WiFi.

As reported by Recombu, a number of vendors are now launching LiFI products onto the market and into homes. The technology also promises less energy consumption. Scientists have managed to get speeds of up to 10Gbps using the technology.


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