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LightFreq colourful LED with built-in speaker on Kickstarter

Smart lighting systems are certainly the thing to back on Kickstarter at the moment, but the LightFreq takes this one step further with an integrated speaker, intercom, alarm and 16 million colours to choose from!

The LightFreq is a Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled, multicolour energy efficient LED Lightbulb (RGB-W) with a built-in ‘HD’ speaker that can not only transmit your tunes but you can also use it with your phone as a walkie talkie and an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

If you like to be notified when you get a new notification on your phone, you can also set the LightFreq up to pulsate a certain colour when you get a new message, missed call or tweet on your phone.

The company uses the example of getting ready in the bathroom – while your phone is in the front room. Imagine getting a new message while you’re in the bath and your lights start flashing – a little creepy, right?

LightFreq is a smart lighting/sound system controlled by an iPhone
LightFreq is a smart lighting/sound system controlled by an iPhone

LightFreq says: “We have a mission to bring innovative technology and sound/light together in various ways and the LightFreq Bulb is just the first of many products to come!”

LightFreq’s follow-me feature sounds a little stalkerish, but actually means as you walk through your house, your way will be lit up in an explosion of light via the proximity sensor that communicates to your smartphone.

If you want to get the real club atmosphere going, you can play different tunes in different rooms and have the lighting adjusted to suit the music.

If you’re connected to LightFreq via Bluetooth, you can only control two lights at any one time, but WiFi opens up your whole house or office. The company hopes you’ll be able to control 50 lights by the time it’s released.

The lightbulb fits into a standard light fitting and is around the same size as an energy-efficient lightbulb and gives off natural 3000k light (the same as an incandescent), RGB-W lighting at a rate of 800 lumens.

Both bayonet and Edison screw fittings are planned, while IP51 waterproofing will enable usage in wet areas like bathrooms.

The developers are using a 5W acoustic suspension speaker, which the claim will deliver deep bass and great midtones despite its size, with built-in streaming for the likes of Rhapsody, Napster, TuneIn and SomaFM.

Described by its maker as a lovechild between Philips Hue and Jambox Boom, LightFreq has so far completely overtaken its original target of $50,000 (£30,000), raising a total of $102,203 (£61,000) to date, with 20 days still to go.

They haven’t decided on a final price, but the Kickstarter rewards give you a bulb at $70 (£42), although we’d be surprised if such an ambitious product could sell at less than £100 each.

It’s not the first combined bulb-and-speaker smart light combo we’ve seen, but Mipow’s rival Playbulb, LightFreq isn’t limited to only white light and Bluetooth control.


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