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LittleBigOne digital TV and 80Mbps broadband launches in South Yorkshire

LittleBigOne is a digital TV and broadband service that’s just launched in South Yorkshire, bringing channels like MTV, Cartoon Network, GOLD and Bloomberg as well as downstream speeds of up to 80Mbps.

LittleBigOne’s TV services are broken down into three tiers; Little TV, Big TV and Big TV+.

Little TV gives you access to a basic selection of 50+ channels many of which are available to Freeview customers. You get all of the BBC channels (including BBC One HD) ITV channels 1 through to 4, Channel 4 plus More 4, Film4 and E4.

LittleBigOne digital TV and 80Mbps broadband launches in South Yorkshire

Big TV gives you extras such as MTV, VH1, Good Food, Eden and Alibi in its bigger 70+ channel line up. The Big TV+ service has the same channel line up, but it also lets you record programmes from the PVR set top box. As you can see from the image above, the set top boxes looked to be made by Motorola.

Little TV costs £32 a month with Big TV costing £39 a month and the premium Big TV+ pack costing £45 a month. All packages require a £75 set up fee and contracts are a minimum of £18 a month.

There’s also a YouTube app available to all of the TV services alongside local transport information. More channels will be announced “over the next few days”. You can check out the list of available channels here.

LittleBigOne – Sky Sports and Sky Movies coming soon

A post over on LittleBigOne’s Facebook page reveals that Sky Sports and Sky Movies will be added soon, as on-demand additional extras. Pricing is still to be announced for these, so stay tuned for that.

Aside from shiny new TV goodness, all LittleBigOne packages come with broadband as standard. Speeds of up to 80Mbps are set to be made available by the end of April, but for now the maximum speed available is 40Mbps downstream. LittleBigOne says that on average customers can get speeds of up to 37Mbps, which is pretty close to the hilt.

LittleBigOne’s traffic management policy will “prioritize applications such as browsing, email and VoIP” during peak times and use of P2P, newsgroup and large downloads will see restrictions applied. No details on exactly to what speeds you’ll be dropped down to or when the peak time periods runs from yet.

The new service is available to those covered by the Digital Region network, which covers parts of Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley. Digital Region is a publicly-funded venture that’s recently been bailed out with a £10 million loan. LittleBigOne is based in Reading and is the trade name of Isrighthere Ltd.