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Live trial of 4G Freeview interference to hit Brighton

Brighton will be the next city where live trials of 4G Freeview interference will take place. 

Roughly 80,000 locations will be affected by the trial which takes place this month – the exact date has yet to be confirmed. 

At800, the group setting up the trials, will send out 4G signal filters to 2,424 locations beforehand along with instructions on how to fit them. 

Live trial of 4G Freeview interference to hit Brighton
If you’ve got more than one TV, your 4G signal filter should be installed before the aerial cables split off to separate rooms

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If viewers have an amplifier or signal booster, the 4G filter will need to be connected between your Freeview antenna and the amplifier. At800 believes most people will be able to fit the filter themselves but for this trial extra support will be available to the elderly or people with a disability thanks to a home visit service. This is the first time At800 has provided this extra support.

The trial will involve transmission of signals on the 800MHz frequency, which is close to the space on the airwaves that Freeview broadcasts occupy. Brighton has been chosen specifically because the Freeview signals in the area are particularly close to the 800MHz band.

Brighton has also been picked due to its geography. Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of At800, explains:

“The hilly terrain in Brighton – which can affect TV signals – coupled with Freeview being transmitted on frequencies very close to 4G at 800 MHz will make this a very useful trial. We urge viewers in Brighton to call us should they see any new problems with their Freeview reception.”

This trial is part of an ongoing series designed to estimate the problems that nationwide rollout of 4G mobile services will cause for anyone who enjoys digital terrestrial TV, whether its Freeview, YouView or BT Vision.

It was once feared that the 4G Freeview Fail, as we’ve dubbed it, would ruin TV for millions of people. So far the live trials have suggested that it’s not going to be as bad as some once thought but Brighton’s particular set of variables could throw up some interesting problems.

In most cases, it’s thought that installing a 4G signal filter in your home will be enough to tune out any interference caused by 4G. If 4G signal filters don’t work then you could be eligible for some free Freesat or Virgin Media TV by way of replacement. 


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