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Local TV channels for York and Middlesbrough named: York Channel and Made in Teesside

The names of the forthcoming Local TV channels for York and Middlesbrough have been announced by TV regulator Ofcom. 

The York Channel and Made in Teesside are both expected to launch in 2014. It’s too early for either of the production companies to talk about launch dates, but the One & Other TV Consortium which won the bid for the York licence expects to launch at some point between October 31, 2014 and January 30, 2015. 

The York Channel is currently a working title for the Local TV channel which will broadcast on Freeview channel 8. 

Local TV channels for York and Middlesbrough named: York Channel and Made in Teesside
Made in Teesside, not Chelsea: The Made company has now won five Local TV licences

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Local TVWhatever its name ends up being, the channel will broadcast a mix of original local news, current affairs, entertainment and heritage programmes. 

Made in Teesside is unlikely to change its name; it’s owned by the Made TV company which has won Local TV licenses in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Newcastle. 

CEO Jamie Conway said: “We’re very proud to be the holders of the most licences and adding a dynamic and vibrant creative centre like Teesside is wonderful.”

“As the licence holder for multiple channels we can certainly benefit from the economies of scale that are realised but let me make this very clear, this channel will be run by a local management team, staffed with a local production team and all editorial decisions will be made locally. Our shared services model has been developed to allow local teams to focus on making great local content”

“It is as much about opportunities for local businesses as it is about local content – relying on national advertising misses the point.  Local TV needs to be for local content and local advertisers.  Big brands can already afford to advertise on TV.  Let’s give small businesses the chance to communicate with their community.

Made in Teesside will be broadcast to 500,000 people in the Middlesbrough area. Conway added that Made TV channels will reach over 13 million people across the UK. 

The Local TV project aims to launch 21 new digital TV channels broadcasting to cities and their surrounding areas across the UK. The first Local TV channel in the UK – Grimsby’s Estuary TV launched this week on Freeview channel 8 and Virgin Media channel 879. 


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