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Logitech G433 Review: We test out Logitech’s smartest gaming headset yet

The Logitech G433 gaming headset impresses with its flexibility as much as it does with the excellent audio quality and affordable UK price tag. After plenty of testing, here’s our full Logitech G433 review.

One of the biggest pains with headphones is that you tend to need at least a couple of different pairs, especially if you’re a gamer. You’ve probably got your heavy duty gaming set at home, as well as lighter, more portable ‘phones for taking out.

Which is where the Logitech G433 comes in. Although the G433 is billed as a gaming headset, you can actually use it as a perfectly good pair of headphones without drawing any stares on the bus. Best of all, you get plenty of different cables and accessories, to use them with a range of different devices.

Logitech G433 review: Design

With its plastic and metal frame, this Logitech headset is tough enough to put up with some serious punishment, yet also comfortably light when rocking them all day long. The mesh finish adds some character, even if it lacks a premium look and feel. You can pick the G433 up in black, red or blue, so you can either go subtle or proudly sport a more vibrant finish.

Those padded ear cups fully enclose your ears without putting any kind of pressure on your lobes, for a supremely comfortable experience. Two sets are bundled in the box (a mesh pair and a microfibre pair) and these can be snapped off and replaced at any time. You can even wash them, if they get all gunky. Because there’s no leather or plastics involved, I found my ears didn’t get hot or sweaty, so that wasn’t really an issue.

Logitech G433 review: Features

Back to the flexible nature of the Logitech G433. You get two main cables included, one for PC and console gaming and the other for connecting to mobile devices and Macs. These feature remote controls built into the cable, including a mute and volume function on the PC effort. You also have a splitter cable and a USB adapter in the box, to fit your own personal gaming setup.

Note that there’s no Bluetooth support, so you can’t go wireless.

Online gamers will of course require a microphone, and the G433’s mic is fully detachable. Just snap it into place when needed and pull it back out before you hit the road. You even have an external mic built in, which can pick out environmental sounds and isolate them from your gaming session.

Logitech G433 review: Audio quality

So what about the sound quality? Well, Logitech has worked some serious magic here, especially considering the low asking price of the G433.

PC gamers can enjoy the DTS Headphone X support, which offers up realistic 3D audio. Supported games deliver 7.1 Surround Sound, so you hear them exactly the way the developers intended. Gunfire, explosions and everything else can be picked out directionally, so you stand the best possible chance of reacting in time and surviving the onslaught.

Outside of gaming, this headset holds up well too. Minimal frequency distortion allows for a crisp and clear sound, so you can make out every instrument when listening to music. The G433 works across a range of genres with solid results, from evening jazz to thrash metal. Those cups work as a pretty good seal too, so your tunes won’t leak out and irritate everyone sat around you.

Logitech G433 review: Unboxing and video review

Check out our full Logitech G433 unboxing and hands-on review in the video below.

Logitech G433 review: UK price and release date

The Logitech G433 headset is released in the UK from June 2017 and can be yours for £110. Check out our full unboxing video over at Recombu’s YouTube channel.


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