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London 2012 Olympic Games gets a broadband boost from Entanet

The London 2012 Olympic Games are just round the corner and whether you’ve got tickets or not, there’s a multitude of ways to watch the games, in standard def, HD or eye-melting 3D.

Anticipating Olympian demand for bandwidth, Entanet has announced improvements to its connections at the London Access Point exchange.

“We have upgraded our peering at LONAP to 10Gbps to meet the anticipated demand that the Olympics may bring,” said Steve Lalonde, Entanet’s Chief Technical Officer.

London 2012 Olympic Games gets a broadband boost from Entanet

“We have already made some significant improvements to our network’s footprint this year,” he added. “In line with our forecasts, we are seeing an increase in demand from businesses for higher capacity and by strengthening our northern ring capacity by 500 percent will ensure we stay ahead of future demand.”

As part of its strategy, Entanet has upgraded ten 1Gbps wavelengths with five 10Gbps wavelengths between Manchester, Preston, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Leeds and two sites in Edinburgh.

Entanet already operates 10Gbps across London and between London and its Birmingham, Stoke and Manchester locations.

The company is also expanding its datacentre footprint to accommodate increasing demand for colocation services. “To expand our colocation footprint, we will be introducing a new suite in the Equinix colocation centre in Slough, at the end of April, to meet an increasing demand from customers and to add more diversity from our current locations in London and at our head office in Telford,” said Lalonde.

Entanet supplies a multitude business broadband solutions across the UK – chances are that if it supplies your business with broadband you’ll be able to sneakily watch beach volleyball on iPlayer while you’re pretending to file TPS reports. Just make sure you’re pally with your SysAdmin and you’re a dab hand at minimizing windows quickly.