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London Live and Russia Today hobble Freeview recorders with dodgy EPG data

London Live and Russia Today have caused a number of Freeview recorders to malfunction over the last two weeks. 

On the evening of Friday, May 30 a small number of Sony Freeview DVD recorders malfunctioned as a result of incorrectly formatted data sent to Digital UK, the body which manages the Freeview programme guide. 

The programme data was sent out by London Live and Digital UK promptly corrected the fault on Saturday. 

London Live and Russia Today hobble Freeview recorders with dodgy EPG data
In Mother Russia, EPG data formats you! Legal disclaimer: The update snag did not cause any TVs to violently explode

The fault, similar to the one which was reported last July, caused Sony set-top boxes to get stuck in an endless Groundhog Day-esque loop of menus which could only be resolved by turning the device off at the mains and back on again. 

A Digital UK spokesperson said: “On Friday, incorrectly formatted schedule data supplied for London Live temporarily caused some older Sony DVD recorders to malfunction. This was corrected on Saturday. 

“The fault was due to a recent update for software used by some channels to upload their data and has now been resolved.” 

A week before, Russia Today caused a similar incident when it too submitted incorrect EPG data. 

It’s a problem which only seems to have hobbled older Freeview equipment. Last year, Sony and Pioneer boxes were blighted by a similar issue, caused by problems with EPG data for a number of Sky channels. 

Digital UK says that this particular problem, related to the software used to submit EPG info, has now been resolved. Any viewers affected should find that powering their boxes off and back on again will return things to normal. 

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