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LonsdaleNET rural broadband: wireless internet goes live in the Eden Valley

What’s new for County LonsdaleNET?

Cumbria County Council may not need to worrk about BT reaching all the rural nooks and crannies if LonsdaleNET gets its way.

The wireless broadband and phone service has now gone live in the Eden Valley and surrounding region, with a minimum 10Mbps two-way connection that can reach up to 60Mbps.

Owned by the Earl of Lonsdale, the network adds: “An aggressive rollout plan over the next year will see us infill any gaps in the Eden Valley and expansion into other parts of Cumbria. “

Installation costs £150, and there are two refreshingly simple tariffs: £20/month and £30/month, plus business packages with guaranteed speeds and larger download allowances.

October 11, 2012

LonsdaleNET Cumbria rural broadband logo

What is LonsdaleNET?

LonsdaleNET was created from the Cumbria assets of failed northern England rural ISP NextGenUs, which went into administration in April 2012.

The company is financed by the Earl of Lonsdale (Lord Lonsdale) and uses former Three UK mobile phone masts as the hubs of its service, underpinned by a dark-fibre link to Manchester.

Where does LonsdaleNET cover?

Within the Eden Valley, LonsdaleNET reaches Blencarn, Bolton, Brampton, Cliburn, Clifton, Crackenthorpe, Culgaith, Eamonth Bridge, Great Strickland, Hackthorpe, Kings Meaburn, Kirkby Thore, Long Marton, Melkinthorpe, Milburn, Newby, Penrith (70 per cent coverage), Reagill, Stainton and Yanwath

LonsdaleNET plans to complete its coverage of the Eden Valley in 2013 and expand into other parts of Cumbria.

LonsdaleNET wireless broadband Cumbria coverage

What services does LonsdaleNET provide?

Residential customers get a minimum speed of 10Mbps in both directions, with an average speed of 35Mbps, a top speed of 60Mbps, and low contention.

Services are provided on a 30-day rolling contract, and include home phone, including number porting from BT or other landline providers, so there’s no need for line rental.

Installation includes a site survey to ensure there’s a line of sight to a transmitter, a wireless antenna mounted on the highest point with a view, and a wireless router.

Business customers get the same service with higher-priority traffic and the option of a minimum 25Mbps connection.

How much does LonsdaleNET cost?

Residential connections come in two flavours, with a standard installation charge of £149.95 (prices include VAT):

  • LonsdaleNET Lite: £19.95/month at 10Mbps with 10GB download allowance and free UK landline evening and weekend calls.
  • LonsdaleNET Max: £29.95/month at up to 60Mbps with 150GB download allowance and anytime free UK landline calls.

UK landline calls outside allowances cost 1p/minute, mobiles cost 10p/minute.

Business connections have three levels, all with 250GB monthly usage on a fair-usage basis, with VAT-exclusive rates, and a standard installation charge of £250:

  • Small Business Package: £50/month for 10Mbps down/ 5Mbps up.
  • Business Package: £100/month for minimum 10Mbps symmetrical.
  • Super Business Package: £200/month for minimum 25Mbps symmetrical.

What technology does LonsdaleNET use?

A dark fibre connection links to the internet backbone in Manchester, and LonsdaleNET has state-of-the-art second generation smart wireless transmission devices which can share 300Mbps between users of each main antenna.

Further sectors are added at each site as customer numbers grow to maintain low contention ratios, even at peak time, and all sites have battery backup, plus generators in case of longer power outages.

LonsdaleNET adds that locally-based engineers are available around the clock to provide rapid support and replacement equipment for customers.