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Lovefilm Instant for Nintendo Wii gets watchlist update

Lovefilm has rolled out an update for its movie streaming service on the Nintendo Wii. 

Nintendo’s last-gen console may be gathering dust in the corners of some living rooms but the faithful 8 million Wii users can make use of Lovefilm’s movie streaming service between bouts of bug collecting in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The update brings the Watchlist feature, which lets you create playlists, an improved search function and a new-look user interface. 

Lovefilm Instant for Nintendo Wii gets watchlist update
Wii will rock you: Head over to the Wii Shop Channel to download the latest Lovefilm update

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Lovefilm InstantOn your Wii you’ll now see an ‘Add to Watchlist’ option appearing next to movies and TV shows which lets you quickly throw together playlists. This is especially useful if you want to power through an entire series or queue up a themed movie marathon night with your housemates. 

Another neat feature of the Wii update means that you’ll be able to pause a film and pick up where you left off from the homepage. 

Eventually, all devices that have access to Lovefilm Instant will get an update providing the same search and Watchlist features. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have both recently benefited from similar updates. 

The Nintendo Wii has access to the majority of Lovefilm Instant’s streaming library but its inability to stream HD video means that you don’t get the same experience as you would on other consoles and systems.

The update is available to download from the Wii Shop Channel now. 

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