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Lovefilm reportedly resurrecting Ripper Street after BBC cancellation

Axed crime drama Ripper Street could reappear onine if talks with Lovefilm are successful. 

The Gritty Victorian police procedural may return for a third series as producers are understood to be in talks with potential backers, including LoveFilm, according to reports from the Guardian

The LoveFilm deal would see the video streaming service funding most of the budget in return for showing the drama before the BBC. It may also opt for a fourth series should it prove successful. 

If the deal were signed, it would be a watershed moment in British drama as it would be the first time a video streaming service becomes a major financial backer of an already established UK TV drama. 

In a statement, the BBC said it was “looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return but at better value to licence fee payers.” 

Tiger Aspect, the production company behind the cult series said: “The creative team have great vision and high ambition for future series of Ripper Street. It would of course be marvellous to find a route to make these plans reality.” 

Earlier in the year, the BBC cancelled the show. It said it decided to not commission a third series as it “didn’t bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won’t be returning”. 

The cancellation led to fans launching an online petition to bring back the series that garnered more than 10,000 signatures. 

Image: BBC


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