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Lovers not fighters: Digital Voices 16/06/2012

In a week when metal thieves cut off thousands of phone and broadband users in Scotland by damaging A FIBRE OPTIC CABLE, it’s not surprising that Digital Voices returns to the subject of metal theft.

Also raising its angry head is the unstoppable hydra that’s The Pirate Bay, and Australia’s greatest lover has a crack at the Brits.

Welcome to your Digital Voices from the week ending June 16, 2012.

Awright my luvver?

BT’s killer RABIT foils copper cable thieves

The debate over copper cable theft has moved on from brutal punishment to preventing and catching the metal blaggers.

Aussie Ex-Pat came up with a foolproof – though incredibly expensive solution: replace all the copper with fibre-optic cables.

“No recyclable value out of that!! Also, follow the lead of Australia, and make any person dealing in scrap provide their National Insurance Number (Tax File Number and/or Business Registration Number in Australia) to collect payment. Whilst the Australian approach has not stopped copper theft, it has made getting rid of it much more difficult.”

Now, aside from the billions of Pounds it would take to replace the thousands of miles of copper cable in the UK, edd jumped onto the popular – but unproven – assertion that many of thieves won’t have an NI number:

Edd said: “If these thieves are gypsies, then no national insurance number is available, taking the vehicle registration number also doesn’t seem to work.”

Sky and TalkTalk join the court-ordered blockade of The Pirate Bay

The UK’s major ISPs are slowly obeying April’s court order to block access to file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, but it’s still provoking anger.

TalkTalk and Sky blocked TPB’s website this week, provoking TalkTalk subscriber Pbax58 to write: “At the first chance I am going to change to a ISP that allows me to get Pirate Bay. What right have you to ban my fredom to surf the web? Your loss.”

Sky Broadband sub fenixEx said: “Well…whatever. Sky, I hate you a lot but you cannot stop thepiratebay .-.”

Other downloaders have moved on in their grief to the sheer pointlessness of the blockade, like will wallice: “They can only block the name. All the information the PB hold and all the torrents are not stored or saved on servers, that’s not how P2P networking works. This is censorship bought by lobbyists and corporations. Its utter bollocks and completely futile.”

We would plead with downloaders like Charles Tucholski not to leave your actual email names and email addresses on your comments…we don’t want anyone ordering us to hand over your details!

Broadband ‘better than sex’ for 25 per cent of the UK

Broadband can be addictive, but would you turn down a roll in the hay with your lover for surfing online?

Back in March we reported that a quarter of us would pass on sex rather than lose our internet, and ‘daveaus’ – we’re guessing he’s Fosters-swilling Aussie said: “Just says how lousy sex is for the poor Brits”.

Brits may not be famous for our skills between the sheets, but we don’t remember Australians leading the world’s lists of great lovers, either.