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Mario Kart 8 upload reveals YouTube 60fps support

YouTube has boosted the maximum frame rate of videos, allowing you to upload and watch footage at a rate of 60fps. 

This will be welcome news for 4K enthusiasts who want to show off how much money they’ve got their Ultra HD footage and gamers who want to upload their Let’s Play efforts. 

Currently, you can only watch 60fps YouTube clips through Chrome and have HTML5 enabled. If a video was shot at 60fps and your Internet connection can support it, the higher frame rate should kick in once you crank a video up to high definition – note that the HD options in the screengrab below are listed at ‘720p60’ and ‘1080p60’.

YouTube channel MK8 Records uploaded a clip of Mario Kart 8 with the 60fps option enabled. 

A tipster sent gaming blog Kotaku footage of a Skyrim glitch with the same 60fps setting turned on. 

YouTube says it will only up the frame rate for ‘motion-intense’ videos, so don’t expect to see funny videos of cats taking advantage of 60fps, unless they’re travelling really fast. 

The news comes in the wake of Sony announcing that PlayStation 4 gamers can now share videos of your gaming action direct to YouTube.

Once the new YouTube app is installed on your console, simply hitting the share button on your Dualshock Controller will start recording and uploading the action to your account.

The ‘What’s New’ section of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation mobile apps (iOS, Android) will also feature videos created by your PlayStation Network friends. 

Check out the 60fps YouTube uploads below.