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Mass rural speed test to demonstrate mid-Wales’s broadband not spots

Mass rural speed test to demonstrate mid Wales’ broadband not spotsA campaign to highlight awareness of Wales’ rural broadband not spots is organising a mass speed test to take place on the weekend of the 18th-19th of August.

Wireless broadband provider eXwavia and Montgomeryshire Assembly Member Russell George are backing the Monty Broadband campaign, which ultimately aims to secure funding for rural broadband rollout across the region.

EXwavia’s plan is to “get more people to understand how they can go about lobbying for better infrastructure, identify where the ‘not spots’ are and work with others to improve broadband provision for the benefit of the community.”

The results of the speed test will be presented to the Welsh Assembly to “highlight the issue to government and others.”

The Full Monty: How slow do we go?

It’s also not clear what Monty Broadband is aiming for in terms of dragging residents out of not spots; 2Mbps lines, 25Mbps lines or next-gen fibre optic 80Mbps+ lines.

Right now the aims of the campaign are centred around getting this live speed test going; Monty Broadband’s Twitter and Facebook page is where details of the test will emerge.

If you’re doing a broadband speed test in the home we’d recommend that you follow a few steps we’ve laid out here while seeing how you might be able to boost your connection.

The Monty Broadband campaign launches as relationships between local councils, BT, Fujitsu and the EU threaten to put the brakes on rural broadband rollout. The EU could potentially withdraw funding if the BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) bidding process for rural areas isn’t deemed competitive enough. Geo and Cable & Wireless pulled out of the rural broadband pilots due to conditions for bidding placed by BDUK and Fujitsu said unless a million customers could be reached then the rural pilots made no economic sense. 

So in the meantime, we’re back to the drawing board while folks in the sticks still languish in broadband not spots.