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Massivity WiFi could solve stadium internet access issues

Football fans and concert-goers could soon find more reliable WiFi at big arenas with a technology with allows 10 times more people to log in.

Massivity, developed by Salford-based start up Mobbra, can also identify exactly where a fan is sitting in a stadium and deliver bespoke content directly to their devices with a special app.

Gigs and events could beam food deals in areas of the stadium, football replays, interviews, surveys or competitions to attendees, encouraging them to interact more with the show.

Massivity WiFi could solve stadium internet access issues
Current WiFi technology can’t cope with huge numbers who want to go online in stadiums

Will Walton, Mobbra’s founder, said: “Some venues are spending millions on conventional Wi-Fi access points and finding it just doesn’t work.” 

He said Massivity would be much less expensive to run than conventional Wi-Fi as those access points can only deal with a maximum of 50 devices connecting at once, instead of the 500 offered by Massivity.

An App called Fangage for Android and iPhones is used as well to deliver the content and also tweak settings on the phone in order to do special things.

It can use the LED camera flash present in the vast majority of devices to create a glittering wave – in one test they’ve hooked up to 1,000 Samsung phones to play the same video at once while lighting up all their LEDs.

According to New Scientist, the technology could soon be coming to a host of Premier League clubs and could make an appearance at next year’s NFL Super Bowl. The firm is also in talks with Live Nation to bring the tech to the V Festival.

Image: Flickr/Sean MacEntee


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