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Masterplug’s built-in USB ports free your sockets from phone chargers

Phone chargers taking up your valuable power sockets is no fun for home entertainment enthusiasts, so Masterplug’s extension adapters with built-in USB sockets should be handy.

They range from a single pass-through socket with two USB ports for charger leads, to an eight-way power strip with two USB ports, plus protected phone and broadband connections.

Masterplug eight-gang Energy Saving Power Centre

They’re available in either white or gloss black finish, and have surge protection built in to protect and spikes and surges in your power supply, caused by devices such as fridges or power tools.

The eight-socket Energy Saving Power Centre also has a master-slave function, so that five devices can be switched off automatically when a master device is turned off.

Wayne Hill, Masterplug sales and marketing director, said: “The beauty of our Surge Protected USB adapters and power blocks is that they offer USB charging without tying up a plug socket, or having to switch and keep a computer or laptop on.

“This means that in the bedroom for example, you can use the adapter to conveniently charge your phone or iPad at your bedside, whilst still being able to use the plug socket for a lamp, radio alarm or other electrical device.”

Surge protection includes an equipment warranty, from £3,000 for the single-socket adapter to £10,000 for the eight-socket Power Centre.

Prices start at £9.99 for the single-socket device, and the Masterplug range is stocked in B&Q, Sainsburys, Currys, Homebase, Argos and Amazon.