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Mustard TV launch spices up Freeview in Norfolk

Around 300,000 homes in Norfolk can now tune in to a dedicated local TV channel: Mustard TV from Norwich.

Mustard TV can be found on channel eight on Freeview, and is the second local TV channel to go live in the UK, following Grimsby’s Estuary TV in November 2013.

Ofcom has awarded some 20 local TV licences to towns and cities around the UK, with London Live next to launch on April 5.

Mustard TV launch spices up Freeview in Norfolk
Mustard TV is the UK’s second new local TV channel

Fiona Ryder, managing director of Mustard TV, said: “We want to redefine what people think of as local television. We hope to engage the community in ways that other stations covering wider patches just can’t.”

“We will put Norfolk and Norwich at the heart of everything we do, celebrating the best of our county and concentrating on the issues that really matter to our communities. As well as being informative and entertaining, Mustard TV will provide a new voice for the people of Norfolk.”

Mustard TV kicked off at 5.30pm with Mustard News, followed by the short welcome programme This is Mustard TV.

Prime time programming includes The Mustard Show, a daily news magazine, local history series Archive Half Hour, and Wildlife programme Wild East which will focus on local flora and fauna.

The channel is named Mustard TV as a nod to the Colman family, which helped found Archant and is famous for producing Colman’s Mustard in Norwich. 


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