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Nearly 2 million Brits sign up for EE 4G, broadband figures continue to grow

EE’s latest results show that nearly 2 million Brits have signed up for superfast 4G. 

The company’s 4G customer based swelled by 68 per cent in the last three months, taking the total number of customers using the next-gen mobile service to 1.996 million. 

Since launching, EE has consistently cranked up the top speeds possible on its 4G from 40Mbps to 300Mbps. 

Nearly 2 million Brits sign up for EE 4G, broadband figures continue to grow

Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive Officer of EE, commented: “We successfully executed our strategy, growing our pay monthly base, delivering our targeted cost savings and achieving our best margin yet, all while cementing EE’s position as the UK’s best network for consumers and businesses alike. 

“2013 was the year of 4G, with two million customers enjoying the benefits of superfast connectivity on Britain’s most awarded network.” 

While most people on EE’s 4G network won’t actually get those top speeds due to a number of factors, independent tests have shown that the average speed EE 4G customers experience is around 22Mbps. 

This is faster than the UK’s average home broadband speed and faster than the top speed of EE’s own entry-level broadband package (17Mbps). 

The faster speeds might explain why take up of EE’s home broadband product has been less enthusiastic. 

In the last three months, EE added 12,000 broadband customers, taking the total number of customers to 726,000. While EE hasn’t revealed how many of those customers have taken the superfast FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), it’s revealed that around 4,000 subscribers are still using dial-up. 

Despite 4G grabbing the limelight, EE’s home broadband customer base has continued to grow for eight months running. This still isn’t enough to break the ISP out of fifth position that it’s locked into, so it’s unlikely it’ll be bothering TalkTalk anytime soon. 


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