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New 3rd-gen Nest thermostat adds water-heating powers, catches up with Tado, Climote

Nest’s new third-gen smart Learning Thermostat lets you crank up the water as well as the heating. 

While other smart heating systems like Tado and Climote have been able to do this for ages, the arrival of hot water control to the Nest platform is good news for folks who’ve been swayed by the idea of accessing a range of smart home features from a single app.

The just-announced new-look Nest also promises to improve on the cost-saving aspect of smart heaters. It’s compatible with OpenTherm-certified boilers, which in theory means it’ll be able to talk to compatible devices and work out the precise amount of gas needed to reach and maintain the required level of comfort.

Related: NestCam review and The Nest Episode – New Nest Protect, Dropcam-esque Nest Cam plus an all-in one appNest’s general manager for Europe Lionel Paillet is quoted saying: “Millions of Nest homes around the world have saved approximately four billion kilowatt hours of energy compared to what they would have used if they’d left their thermostats at a consistent temperature.

“And today, with brand new software and hardware, our European customers can save even more whilst staying comfortable, thanks to remote hot water control and OpenTherm compatibility.”

That sounds great on paper. Unfortunately, the official OpenTherm site is a little skimpy on the details in terms of which products out there support it. The site says: ‘In due course of 2013 the database will be filled with all OpenTherm products.’ Aside from British boiler makers Ideal, it’s unclear who else in the UK is cranking out OpenTherm-friendly products. 

While that’s clearly not much help, on the plus side you’ll be able to easily identify whether or not a boiler is OpenTherm-compatible thanks to this handy logo:

New Nest thermostat catches up with Tado, Climote, lets you heat the water


OpenTherm aside, other new features of the third-gen Nest include a slimmer, sexier design and a bigger, sharper screen. The panel is 40 per cent larger boasts a ppi (pixels per inch) count that’s 25 per cent higher than the previous model. 

As well as being easier on the eye, Nest says that the improved screen affords greater legibility at a distance. This is also coupled with something that Nest is calling ‘Farsight’ a motion-activated feature that lets you wave your hand at the ‘stat and have it display things like temperatures and times, if you want to use it as a fancy overpowered clock. 

New Nest thermostat catches up with Tado, Climote, lets you heat the water

You’ll also be able to pair it with your NestCam and Nest Protect smart smoke alarm for added smart home convergence, if you’re that way inclined. 

The new third-gen Nest Learning Thermostat is available to order from today for £199 with the option of picking up a stand for £29. 


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