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Nest Learning Thermostat bundled free with Npower dual fuel tariff

Npower is bundling a Nest Learning Thermostat plus installation free with a new dual fuel tariff. 

The combined gas and electricity ‘Intelligent Control – October 2016’ online fuel deal deal will fix energy prices until October 31 2016. 

Nest’s smart heating system is usually priced at £249 (£179 plus Npower’s £70 installation charge) but with this deal, it’s all being thrown in for free. 

Npower is betting that punters won't say no to a free money saving device
Npower is betting that punters won’t say no to a free money saving device

By throwing in a free Nest Learning Thermostat the idea is you’ll use energy to heat your home more efficiently, therefore saving even more money. 

Simon Stacey, npower’s Managing Director of energy services, said: “People have busy lives and we want to help make it as easy as possible to manage their homes. 

“With the weather getting colder and people becoming more aware of their heating costs, they will be looking for smarter ways to reduce their energy bills this winter. The Nest Thermostat combined with the Intelligent Control tariff gives people peace of mind that their energy prices won’t go up, while their energy use could go down.” 

Nest claims that its smart heating system can save you around £150-£200 a year on heating bills, although without a smart meter it’s impossible for you to know for sure. 

Opting for this tariff will certainly see you saving the £249 you might have otherwise spent on a Nest. 

Unlike Hive and Tado, you can also buy additional Nest controls to control the temperature in other rooms in the house, letting you potentially save even more. That said it’s not the cheapest multi-zone heating system on the market – Evohome, Owl and Heat Genius are all cheaper alternatives. 

One of the big advantages of the Nest Learning Thermostat is that it adapts to your daily and weekly routines over time, turning down the heat when you’re away and getting everything warmed up when you’re heading home. 

It can also be controlled remotely, meaning if you’re working late or it’s too cold in the morning and you need to crank the heat a bit, you can do all of this with a mobile app. Nest shows you how much heat you’ve used over the last ten days, and sends a monthly energy report. 


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