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Netflix 4K on BT’s Ultra HD YouView box: ‘Coming when it’s done’

BT has reiterated that it’s in talks with Netflix over bringing 4K content to its Ultra HD box – but there’s still no ETA yet. 

Netflix is one of the many on demand services you can access through the Humax DTR-T4000 set-top box that you get with BT’s Entertainment Ultra HD pack. 

At the launch of the Ultra HD service, BT personnel told us there were plans to bring 4K Netflix content like House of Cards and Breaking Bad to subscribers. 

Related: How much is BT Sport Ultra HD?Jamie Hindhaugh, chief operations officer for BT Sport told industry blog DTVE that discussions were still taking place: “Across our wider portfolio, obviously movies will be of interest as more people capture in native 4K. We are in discussions with Netflix about enabling their 4K content to our box.”

There’s still no timeframe for when 4K Netflix content will land on BT TV, so the official status is still very much ‘coming when it’s done.’

In other 4K-related news, BT is more likely to add support for 5.1.4 surround sound to its Ultra HD service before it makes way for things like HDR (High Dynamic Range). 

Earlier this month, Hindhaugh said that audiences would have greater control over the sound balance of broadcasts – allowing you to turn up crowd noise over commentators, for example – and possibly even switch out the regular TV commentary for pundit chatter from alternative sources, like BBC Radio 5Live for example. 

HDR could be arriving a little later than this – 2017 if estimates by Delia Bushell, head of BT TV and BT Sport are anything to go by. 

Netflix currently offers a range of its titles in 4K Ultra HD as part of the £8.99/month Premium service. Customers need to be able to get 20-25Mbps from their service provider in order to stream 4K and, of course, a TV to watch it on

BT’s Ultra HD TV service requires you to have a BT Infinity FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service and sign up for the £15/month Entertainment Ultra HD pack. On top of what you’re paying for your Internet service, you’ll be paying an extra £23.99/month on top of that. 

Coming when it’s done. 


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