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Netflix fan site NewOnNetflix UK shows viewers what they’re missing

NewOnNetflixUK, an unofficial Netflix fan site has launched, showing potential customers what they’re missing out on. 

The site, found at, claims to provide an active list of everything that’s available on Netflix UK, updating itself frequently. As well as being a useful way to show would-be Netflixers what they’re missing out on, it’s also useful for existing customers to check what’s available to them without having to log in. 

NewOnNetflixUK has been set up by developer Matthew Morley who runs the @NewOnNetflixUK Twitter account. 

Netflix fan site NewOnNetflix UK shows viewers what they’re missing

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Netflix and how to find your favourite shows onlineMorley says on his site: “Like most self-employed techies this started out as a personal project to fill a specific void and also as a way to develop a few more of my coding skills. I found it really useful and saw lots of other people crying out for such a service from Netflix themselves – so I made it public.” 

Netflix, unlike Lovefilm Instant, doesn’t publicly list the number of shows and movies available on its site and doesn’t allow non-subscribers to browse. From various content deals, we know about certain titles that Netflix has obtained, from hits like Breaking Bad to exclusive originals including Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards

Netflix hasn’t commented on Morley’s site. While it’s accuracy isn’t officially guaranteed by Netflix, we quickly compared the catalogues of the two sites after logging in to our own Netflix account. 

The unofficial NewOnNetflixUK catalogue lists films in an A to Z manner, but doesn’t let you search by genre or filter searches for children. 

Netflix costs £5.99/month and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and all of the current-gen games consoles. 


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