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Netflix to exclusively serve up Green Eggs & Ham to Dr. Seuss fans

Netflix is to adapt the Dr Seuss children’s classic Green Eggs and Ham into a thirteen-part animated series. 

The classic children’s book, first published in 1960, will be adapted for the screen by Jared Stern, the man behind the upcoming sequel to The Lego Movie and produced by comedian Ellen DeGeneres. 
The series will reportedly take much the same tack as the book, following Sam-I-Am as he travels the country and tries to convince his pal to take a few bites of the titular repast in a series of offbeat locations. 

How much is Netflix 4K Ultra HD and what broadband speed do you need?Netflix haven’t revealed a lot regarding the upcoming adaptation, beyond the fact that Sam-I-Am’s friend, Guy, will eventually end up relenting. It’s expected that it’ll be available in 4K, as has been the case with Netflix Originals like House of Cards and Better Call Saul

The addition of the much-loved children’s book to the streaming service’s line-up will doubtless bolster its increasingly impressive roster of original content aimed at kids, which includes the Shrek spin-off The Adventures of Puss in Boots, All Hail King Julien, which follows the mischievous ring-tailed lemur from the Madagascar movies and Turbo FAST, another big-screen adaptation which centres on the adventures of Theo, the snail who won the Indie 500. 

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president of content, in full-on Seussian mode, said: 

“We think this will be a hit/Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect fit/for our growing slate of amazing stories/available exclusively in all Netflix territories./You can stream it on a phone/You can stream it on your own/You can stream it on TV/You can stream it globally.”

Cute. There’s no word yet on when we’ll be able to binge your way through Green Eggs and Ham, but we’ll keep you posted. 


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