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Netflix ‘My List’ adds wish lists that stay fresh

Netflix has added personalised wish lists that keep themselves fresh in a brace of feature updates.

The My List feature is on Netflix’s web interface now, and will be rolled out across apps on smart TVs, games consoles, tablets and smartphones in the next couple of weeks.

The Netflix website now also features annotations to titles that tell you whether there are new episodes coming up, or they’re about to leave the catalogue. Web users also see a gallery view, which shows off DVD box art.

Netflix ‘My List’ adds wish lists that stay fresh
It’s easy to add titles to your Netflix My List

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to NetflixMichael Spiegelman, Netflix’s director of product innovation, told Recombu Digital: “Wish lists is one of the highly requested features from our customers, and we have tested many different variations of presenting the list to find out what will give the best customer experience.

“We apply the same recommendations technology to these lists that we do to our other recommendations on Netflix.

“Lists can get a little stale so we add an element of dynamism and freshness to the list, bringing up items to match what customers are watching.”

Recombu Digital has had a few days to play with My Lists, which now feature at the top of the browser page, above your Top 10 recommendations from Netflix.

To add a title, you just hover the cursor or long-press on its artwork, and select ‘Add to list’ from the annotation box.

Titles will disappear when you watch them, and it’s obviously of most use on the Netflix platforms which have been updated for user profiles – although it’s available to all devices.

Streaming video services like Netflix constantly gain and lose TV and films from their catalogues, as their deals with studios and producers expire and are renewed – or not.

Spiegelmann added that as Netflix’s catalogue has begin to change, users have asked to be alerted when titles they’d like to see won’t be available any more.

He’s also promised that Android users – who can’t yet see their Netflix user profiles – won’t have to wait much longer for a better experience.

Netflix ‘My List’ adds wish lists that stay fresh
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