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Netflix plans European expansion and more original programming

Netflix is looking to raise $400 million to fund plans for international expansion, especially in Europe. 

The streaming company is also looking to increase the amount of original programming the service carries. The money will also fund other acquisitions too. 

The streaming company made its plans known when it published a request to institutional investors. Netflix said in a filing with the SEC that it plans to “significantly increase our investments in international expansion, including substantial expansion in Europe in 2014, and in original content.” 

“As a result, and to take advantage of the current favorable interest rate environment, we plan to obtain approximately $400 million in long term debt in the first quarter of 2014,” the firm’s filing said. 

It added that spending on original content will increase substantially in 2014, but will still only represent less than 10 per cent of its overall worldwide content expense. 

According to reports by Variety, the cost of one episode of original programming for Netflix costs around $4 million. 

The firm is set to debut the second series of its best-known original series House Of Cards, on 14 February. It has also been confirmed that a third series of House Of Cards will be forthcoming. Netflix ordered another series even before the second series has been shown. 

The streaming company has also renewed Orange Is The New Black with star Laura Prepon returning for most of hte new season. 


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