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Netflix to premiere The Square worldwide on January 17

Netflix is to premiere its original documentary about the Egyptian revolution The Square worldwide on January 17, 2014. 

It was recently announced that Jehane Noujaim’s gripping front-line portrait of the Arab Spring would be headed to Netflix and now we have a launch date. 

The Square chronicles the Egyptian protest movement hat tells the behind-the-headlines story of the Egyptian Revolution through the eyes of young activists who have sought for the last two years to build a better Egypt.  An earlier version won the Audience Award at the 2013 Sundance Film

Netflix to premiere ‘The Square’ worldwide on January 17
Get it in your diary: Netflix premiere’s The Square on January 17, 2014

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to NetflixThe documentary won this year’s Toronto International Film Festival Documentary People’s Choice Award and the Audience Award at the Montreal International Documentary Festival. 

The film captures the immediacy and intensity of the protests in Tahrir Square from the 2011 overthrow of military leader Hosni Mubarak through the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in 2013. The film provides a kaleidoscopic portrait of the events through the eyes of Magdy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khalid Abdalla, an Egyptian actor who played the lead in The Kite Runner and the idealistic revolutionary Ahmed Hassan. 

Armed with nothing more than cameras, social media, deep consciousness, and a resolute commitment to change, these young revolutionaries give us a front-line perspective of the ongoing struggle fought with new weapons. 

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