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Netflix pulls films from TankTop movies-on-demand discovery site

On-demand film and TV provider Netflix has removed its content from TankTop Movies, the on-demand exploration service.

TankTop uses a unique ‘infinite scroll’ mosaic of film art to let you quickly build a list of films you’ve seen and want to see, what you liked and don’t want to see, then makes recommendations.

It covers free services like BBC iPlayer, pay-as-you-go ones like iTunes or Blinkbox, and subscription services like Lovefilm.

Netflix pulls films from TankTop movies-on-demand discovery site
TankTop Movies can no longer direct users to films on Netflix

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to finding film and TV shows in on-demand servicesLiz Rice, CEO of TankTop, said: “Many of our users who subscribed to Netflix told us they preferred our interface for finding films and for getting notified when the films they want to see come available on the Netflix service. 

“In their own long-term-view document, Netflix say that ‘Many consumers will subscribe to multiple services if they each have unique compelling content’ so it’s disappointing that they won’t support services to help people navigate those multiple services.  

“Fortunately for us, Netflix aren’t the only game in town, and in fact they were only the fifth most popular service on our site, in terms of the number of films people click through to watch.”

TankTop is free, and you can even use it to launch content directly from web-based players, while it also includes set-top box libraries like Virgin Media and Sky On Demand, and games consoles like the Xbox 360.

Netflix was offered the opportunity to comment but declined.


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