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Netflix UK heads LG’s 2012 Smart TV drive

Broadband-delivered smart TV and apps feature in more than half of LG’s 2012 TV range, with more than 70 per cent of sets including WiFi for home media streaming.

Found in TVs, Blu-ray players and dedicated set-top boxes, LG’s Smart TV service has been given a makeover for 2012.

LG’s top-end TVs now use dual-core processors which can drive more powerful and dynamic apps, enabling faster access and better video quality.

Among the new arrivals this year are Netflix, the TV and film superstore, and All3Media, the producer of shows such as Skins, TOWIE and Peep Show.

LG's LM960V with Netflix

An upgraded YouTube app now supports 3D as well as Full HD video, and LG has now committed to passive 3D using cheap, lightweight glasses.

However, George Mead, head of consumer marketing for home entertainment at LG UK, insists that 3D is seen in Full HD at 1080p because of binocular fusion.

He added: “We’re incredibly proud of our 2012 line-up and believe that our new premium range of Cinema Screen design TVs offers consumers the best in style and substance.

“We’re confident that consumers will be as excited as we are about the new products and
it’s very exciting that they’re now hitting the high street.”

LG has also fine-tuned its Magic Remote, a Wii-style motion-sensitive wand which can be used for both web-browsing and games. It also has a microphone for voice-recognition and a wheel to speed speed up web browsing.

If you’re interested in watching your home video and photo collection on your TV, and listening to music from networked PCs or storage, then LG has also upgraded its Smart Share 2.0 software, which is in many TVs and Blu-ray players.

The LG 2012 smart line-up

Dual-core Smart TV is in the LM860V (at 42in, 47in, and 55in) and in the LM960V, which comes in screen sizes of 47in, 55in and a huge, Ultra-Definition 84in version.

Smart TV is found in all of LG’s Cinema Screen TVs (LM660T / LM669T / LM670T / LM760T) at screen sizes of 32in (LM660T only), 42in, 47in and 55in.

If you don’t fancy upgrading your TV, there are two Smart TV Upgraders on the way this Spring, the SP520 in March and the SP820 in May.

These give users the opportunity to access the LG Smart TV platform from any TV with a HDMI connection.

The SP820 has USB ports for external storage, a web browser with Flash 10 and the Magic Remote, and Screen Shifter, which throws your PC desktop on to the TV screen.

Alternatively, it’s in the BH7420P and BH5320F 3D Home Cinema Systems, which combine Blu-ray players with surround sound speakers and a multi-channel amplifier, and the BP620 3D Blu-ray player.


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