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Netgear allows you to see your home in the dark

Netgear has launched a new range of home video monitoring products that come with night vision. 

The VueZone motion detection video monitoring system will allow you to watch over your home day or night. By using a connected device – a laptop, smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet – it is possible to keep an eye on infants, elderly relatives, pets, property, holiday homes or businesses, from anywhere at anytime.

If you’re of a particularly evil disposition, you could perhaps use it to prank friends Paranormal Activity style when you’re ‘on holiday’ with the VueZone. 

Netgear allows you to see your home in the dark
Night Vision Vue: Keep an eye your home from afar with Netgear’s VueZone

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Smart Home technologyThe wireless camera transmits wireless video to a VueZone gateway connected to a Wi-Fi router. When the motion-sensing cameras detect movement, a clip is sent to an email address from which it can be viewed. When viewing video clips, digital pan and zoom allows an area to be zoomed x2 for closer inspection.

All that is then required to access and view the camera is a high-speed internet connection, an available port on a router and a web browser or compatible smartphone. 

Cameras can transmit up to 300 feet (line of sight) back to the VueZone gateway, which should adequately cover most homes. Homeowners can schedule a one-off or set recording time. Recordings are either 10 or 40 seconds and can be stored online, shared via email and or via platforms such as YouTube and Flickr.

“VueZone will give homeowners real peace of mind, allowing them to check on their properties whenever they like,” said Rob Wells, Netgear’s director UK retail business unit. “Whether they’re at work or on holiday, people can now cast a virtual eye over their homes and gardens to make sure everything is in order. As motion sensing cameras automatically record activity and email clips to account holders, homeowners will have more control over what happens when they are not there.”

Prices for the surveillance system start from £247.


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