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Netgear Genie turns your iOS or Android device into a DLNA remote control

Netgear Genie, an app for iOS and Android devices, cements the mobile phone’s rightful place in the living room.

Free to download from the App Store and Google Play now, Netgear Genie lets you access other devices in the home that are connected to a Netgear Wi-Fi router (like your laptop), search for photos and videos and then sling these to a connected TV.

Netgear Genie turns your iOS or Android device into a DLNA remote control

In one sense, the Netgear Genie app will turn your Netgear router into an Apple TV-like device, letting you fire pictures, video and music from other devices connected to the same access point.

But what’s really cool about the Netgear Genie apps is that they also map player control features on your phone or tablet, letting you use your Samsung Galaxy S2, new iPad or iPhone 4S or whatever as a remote control for the action.

You can also use the Genie to grab content from other iPhones, iPad and Android devices in your network, provided they’ve got the Genie app installed and running on their phones. So if a friend’s got Avatar in 1080p on his Android tablet, you can sling that to your TV if it’s DLNA compatible.

Netgear Genie turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a security control panel

As well as this, Netgear Genie acts as a control panel for the router itself, allowing you to add parental controls, repair connections and decide who can access the network. There’s also a broadband usage meter built in. This lets you keep an eye on how much data you’re burning through – ideal if you really do want to watch Avatar in HD and you’re on a capped plan.

The iOS and Android apps are free to download now. Check out the YouTube video below for a better idea of how the Netgear Genie works its magic.


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