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Netgear NeoTV ProHD: Stream YouTube and Netflix to your TV

Netgear has announced the NeoTV ProHD, a streaming hub that lets you access the internet on your TV.

It’s perhaps aimed at those with an older HD TV set who would like the web features of a Smart TV set, but would like to keep their older HD panel. Essentially a bridge that lets you access streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube (supporting video streams up to 1080p), you can also surf the web on your TV via a simple web browser.

Thanks to the iOS and Android NeoTV Streaming Player apps, you’re able to turn your phone or tablet into an advanced remote control.

Netgear NeoTV ProHD: Stream YouTube and Netflix to your TV

It’s also ‘the world’s first streaming player to offer wireless display capability using Intel®Wireless Display (WiDi),’ meaning you can display any type of content from an Intel WiDi laptop. So if you wanted to access, say, sports broadcasts on a site like, you’d be able to sling it to your TV through the NeoTV ProHD.

Netgear’s NeoTV ProHD can connect to the net via integrated Wi-Fi (high-speed 300Mbps) which can deliver smooth streaming at 1080p HD video resolution, or wired through an Ethernet cable.

RRP for the Netgear NeoTV ProHD is $70 (£45) in the States. Though it’s not available in the UK yet, we’re told that it is coming; we’re holding tight for release dates and a price which we’ll get to you as soon as.

We hope that more UK-specific service like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player (dare we say it Sky Player?) will be announced soon too; presumably if there’s no apps you’d be able to access iPlayer through the browser if it came to it. More info coming when we get it.