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Netgear R6200 Wi-Fi AC router and A6200 Wi-Fi AC adapter announced

Netgear has announced a new pair of Wi-Fi AC (802.11ac) products, the R6200 Wi-Fi Router and the A6200 Wi-Fi adapter.

The R2600 Wi-Fi Router is a dual-band gigabit router enabling faster speeds than those currently available with the current Wi-Fi N (802.11n) type routers.

Wi-Fi AC, the next standard in Wi-Fi, will allow for products to generate stronger and wider-reaching Wi-Fi signals in the home, faster downloads as well as better power efficiency – meaning less drain on our phones and tablets; Android fans take note.

Not the first Wi-Fi ac router from Netgear – that was the R6300 – the R6200 allows for networks speeds of roughly 300 Mbps (on 2.4 GHz 802.11 N) and 900 Mbps (on 5 GHz 802.11 AC).

As well as being future proofed for use with a new generation of phones, tablets, desktops and laptops which will come with Wi-Fi AC radios, the Netgear R6200 is backwards compatible with Wi-Fi A, B, G and N – older types of Wi-Fi if you will.

Netgear A62000 Wi-Fi adapter: Pimp your Wi-Fi

Speaking of laptops, Netgear has also announced the A62000 Wi-Fi adapter, basically a USB stick with a Wi-Fi AC antenna inside. This will let you sacrifice one of the USB ports on your laptop, PC or Asus Transformer Prime in order to make use of faster Wi-Fi AC speeds.

“Netgear developed these solutions to offer a complete wireless Internet ecosystem, allowing consumers to take full advantage of next-generation Wi-Fi – even with their existing laptop or PC,” says David Henry, Netgear vice president of product management, retail products. “This visionary product line underscores Netgear’s commitment to giving users everything they need to wirelessly access the Internet and download content at the absolute fastest speeds possible.”

Prices for these devices haven’t been announced yet and we’re waiting on a release date. Until then, read our guide on how to speed up your broadband connection which includes a section on Wi-Fi AC and our review of the Netgear Genie app, which lets you manage your network and share content using an app on your iPhone or Android device.