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HTC Connect signs up Netgear Push2TV for putting mobile video on your TV

Netgear and HTC have signed a deal to use the Miracast standard for throwing audio and video from phones and tablets to TVs.

Announced at MWC 2014, Netgear’s Push2TV is capable of mirroring on a big screen TV everything that is displayed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, will become the first Miracast device to be included in the HTC Connect programme.

About the same length and width of a credit card, the Push2TV adapter is also optimised to work with compatible HTC smartphones and can be powered using a USB port on a TV, eliminating the need to run a separate power cable or use another electrical outlet.

HTC Connect signs up Netgear Push2TV for putting mobile video on your TV
Netgear’s Push2TV is in the HTC Connect circle of trust

“With streaming content on the rise, mobile devices are becoming the entertainment hubs of our homes,” said Damir Skripic, senior product line manager at Netgear.

“We’re delighted to offer the first Miracast device for inclusion in the HTC Connect programme and look forward to collaborating closely with HTC to improve integration between HTC smartphones and our products such as Push2TV.

“Together, we’re making it even easier for you to watch your favourite content where it deserves to be – on your big screen TV.”

With the Push2TV adapter, Netgear plans to be the first company to bring a Miracast device to market that is part of the HTC Connect programme.

The firms claim that Miracast solves the common problem of having multimedia content trapped on a single device with a small screen, limiting viewers’ ability to watch content however they see fit.

Miracast uses a Wi-Fi Direct connection to contact the Push2TV adapter directly, instead of going via an existing home or office broadband network, and can handle up to 1080p video with 5.1 surround sound.

Using a three-fingered swipe on a compatible HTC device, users can wirelessly display their HTC mobile device screen on their TV screen, while keeping their phone free to do other things.


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