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‘Hey Siri, stream Game of Thrones S3 E9 in 4K,’ things new Apple TV MIGHT let you do

Word on the street is a new Apple TV, due September, will let you queue up your viewing requests by chatting to Siri. 

As well as this, a radically redesigned remote, featuring a responsive touchpad will be bundled with the new box, which is reportedly slimmer and more polished-looking, according to unnamed sources speaking to BuzzFeed.  

The new Apple TV box is mooted to come with an A8 system-on-chip, which can handle 4K Ultra HD streaming. If the sources are correct, this means Apple’s new shiny telly box will, in theory, let you stream Netflix content in 4K

Apple TV mark 4 is reportedly due to be announced in September at an Apple keynote event, at which time Apple may well unveil a new CPU. 

Whatever it carries inside it, the next generation of Apple TV will land in a mini-streaming market that’s dominated by Google’s Chromecast, Roku streamers and encroached on by Amazon’s Fire TV devices. Apple hasn’t launched a new TV device since 2012; the landscape has changed considerably since then. 

Chromecast is supported by a growing number of third party apps that make use of Google’s Cast API and Amazon’s Fire TV devices already let you search for shows with voice commands through both the supplied remote and the companion iOS and Android app. 

As well as some new hardware, Apple may well unveil a subscription streaming service to complement its pay-per-view model on iTunes, while taking the fight to Netflix, Amazon, Now TV and the rest. 


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