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Outed BT YouView specs detailed

A new BT-branded YouView box has been spotted on a high street retailers page. 

Early adopters who’ve purchased the so-called Humax DTR-T2110 from Argos are also claiming that its a much faster and slicker product than the older Humax DTR-T1000 and T1010 YouView boxes

Reports suggest that the new BT-branded box is quieter; the buttons on the new remote don’t click and the new box apparently has no fan inside, a claim backed up by a teardown photo provided by YouViewUpdate. 

Outed BT YouView box claimed to work with TalkTalk TV
Is this the new BT TV box?

As well as boasting faster start up times, navigating the EPG and on-demand menus is said to be much smoother. 

The new box yet to be officially announced by BT or Humax. 

Despite the BT branding, those with a TalkTalk broadband connection have reported that you can access TalkTalk TV shows and programmes from the TalkTalk Player through the new box. 

Outed BT YouView box claimed to work with TalkTalk TV
Connections-wise, nothing has really changed here.

The Humax DTR-T2110 is said to feature a 500GB hard drive, the same size as the original YouView box. In real terms, this should let you record roughly 300 hours worth of SD programmes and 125 hours of HD recording. 

For those aching to connect their YouView box to the internet viw WiFi, it doesn’t look like a wireless module has been built into this particular model. 

The new box is priced at £219.99. BT, TalkTalk, YouView and Humax have yet to announce anything about this or any other new device. 

Outed BT YouView box claimed to work with TalkTalk TV
Inside: A 500GB Seagate hard drive and not a fan in sight.

Images: YouViewUpdate


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