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New Virgin Media broadband, mobile, TV and home phone Big Bundles revealed

Virgin Media has announced three new Big Bundles of broadband, mobile, TV and home phone services. 

The latest in Virgin Media’s new bundles lets customers potentially save money by picking and mixing all of the services offered by the cable giant. 

You can choose from packages offering 50Mbps, 100Mbps and Virgin Media’s top tier 152Mbps broadband service, the Virgin Media TiVo smart TV service, SIM-only mobile plans and unlimited home phone plans. 

New Virgin Media broadband, mobile, TV and home phone Big Bundles revealed
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The first two new packages – the ‘Big Connection’ and the ‘Big Easy’ – are entry-level deals, combining 50Mbps broadband with phone services while the ‘Big Daddy’ bundle mixes 152Mbps broadband with the Virgin TV XL package including Sky Sports, Sky Movies and BT Sport. 

Here’s how the new bundles, along with the previous ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Big Kahuna’ deals break down. 

Virgin Media’s Big Bundles

Bundle Broadband Service TV Package Mobile Home Phone Line Rental Total Monthly Price
Big Connection 50Mbps / 250MB SIM-only (included free) Talk Weekends £15.99 £36.49/month
Big Easy 50Mbps TV M – 60+ channels (with 500MB TiVo box) 250MB, unlimited minutes and texts (£5) Talk Weekends £15.99 £40.99/month
Big Bang 100Mbps TV M+ – 130+ channels (with 500MB TiVo box) 250MB, unlimited minutes and texts (£5) Talk Weekends £15.99 £50.99/month
Big Kahuna 152Mbps TV XL – 230+ inc. BT Sport (with 500MB TiVo box) 250MB, unlimited minutes and texts (£5) Talk Weekends £15.99 £65.99/month
Big Daddy 152Mbps TV XL – 230+ inc. BT Sport, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, inc. HD  (with 1TB TiVo box) 250MB, unlimited minutes and texts (£5) Talk Unlimited Extra £15.99 £115.99/month

All of Virgin Media’s broadband services come with unlimited downloads as standard. Traffic shaping on peak time downloads has been removed, but P2P and upload traffic at peak times is still slowed down. 

Virgin Media has also launched an upgrade of the Big Kahuna bundle, the ‘Big Kahuna with Big Extras’. In plain English, this gives you everything that the old bundle would, but with cheaper prices for Sky Sports and Sky Movies. 

If you’re taking this deal with Sky Sports, you’d pay £86.99/month (£71 plus line rental), which works out £1.25/month cheaper than if you took the bundle and added Sky Sports separately. 

Similarly, you can add Sky Movies and pay £79.49/month (£63.50 plus line rental), saving you £1/month. If you want both, you’ve got the option of taking Sky Sports and Sky Movies with the Big Kahuna for £93.99/month (£78 plus line rental) as well. 

Virgin Media: Pick and mix your own broadband, mobile, TV and phone bundle with Big Extras 

Finally, Virgin Media is also letting punters pick and choose extra services if none of the above options take their fancy. For example, you can bolt Sky Sports 1 and 2 onto the Big Easy bundle for an extra £27.25/month, taking your total monthly cost for that bundle to £68.24/month. 

Note that you wouldn’t need to add things like Sky Sports onto things like the Big Kahuna with Big Extras or the Big Daddy bundles, as these come included. 

If you want, you can also upgrade the mobile SIM-only portion of your deal if you want a deal that gives you more data. 

Subtract the £5 cost from the bundles above and add the new price in to work out how much your new bundle would cost. 

Virgin Media’s Big Extras

Big Extras Extra Cost
More TV – 8 extra TV channels (Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Living, Sky Living +1, Sky Livingit, Sky Livingit +1, Gold and Gold +1) £5/month
Upgrade to L TV – 170+ channels (inc. the More TV channels listed above)  £5/month
Extra Virgin TV set-top box – multiroom £6.50/month
Sky Sports 1 or 2 £17/month
Sky Sports Collection – Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports F1 £27.25/month
Sky Movies 1 – Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Select, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Modern Greats, Sky Movies Drama and Romance £14.50/month
Sky Movies 2 – Sky Movies Select, Sky Movies Sci-fi and Horror, Sky Movies Crime and Thriller, and Sky Movies Action and Adventure £14.50/month
Sky Movies Collection – both of the above packages £19.50/month
Sky Sports and Movies Collection – all of the above Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels £34.25/month
Sky Sports and Movies in HD  £7/month
Upgrade to 100Mbps broadband £5/month
Upgrade to 152Mbps broadband £7.50/month
Home Phone Talk Mobile – call non-Virgin mobiles for 10p/minute £2/month
Home Phone Talk 08 – 250 minutes of calls to 08XX UK numbers £2/month
Home Phone Talk International – international calls from 10p/minute £2/month
Virgin Mobile SIM-only 250MB – 250MB data, unlimited minutes and texts  £5/month
Virgin Mobile SIM-only 1GB – 1GB data, unlimited minutes and texts £8/month
Virgin Mobile SIM-only unlimited – unlimited data, minutes and texts £18/month

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Virgin Media’s full list of countries covered by Talk International is here




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