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Nick Clegg nominated for Internet Hero award, Theresa May a villain

Who’d have thought a year ago that much maligned deputy PM Nick Clegg would’ve been nominated a hero? ISPA, the Internet Service Provider’s Association, has done just that. 

Nick Clegg, a man who has attracted many boos for his party’s u-turn on student fees, immigration and childcare, has been lauded for his stance on the unpopular Communications Data Bill.

Fellow Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert has also been nominated for the same award for his opposition to the bill. 

Nick Clegg nominated for Internet Hero award, Theresa May a villain
Hero or Villain? Has Nick Clegg’s stance on internet privacy redeemed him in your eyes?

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to the Communications Data BillPerhaps unsurprisingly, Home Secretary Theresa May, who has been very vocal in her support for the Bill, has been nominated for the Internet Villain award, the ISPA’s equivalent of a Golden Raspberry.

The Communications Data Bill is unpopular with ISPs because it is believed to be hugely expensive and impractical. If passed into law it would require ISPs to keep track of each customers’ web activity for 12 months and make this information available to security services upon request.

Other nominees in the Heroes category include PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden and anti-spam organisation Spamhaus, for resisting a huge DDoS-style attack in the spring.

Those in the Villains category include Bluecoat, for allegedly selling Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) software to regimes in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also makes the cut due to his negative comments about social media and finally, the NSA’s PRISM surveillance system gets a nomination of its own.

The 15th annual ISPA Awards ceremony will be held on July 11. We’ll post results of the awards ceremony on the day. 

Image credit: Flickr user Nick-Clegg


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