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Noel Edmunds says electrosensitivity caused by WiFi ‘worse than Ebola and AIDS’

TV funnyman Noel Edmunds has fingered electrosensitivity as the modern plague of our times, ranking it a more serious threat than Ebola or AIDS. 

Speaking to the Mirror, Edmunds said: “The WiFi and all of the systems that we are introducing into our lives are destroying our own natural electro-magnetic fields… The biggest problem we have is not Ebola, it’s not AIDS, it’s electro smog.”

Related: What is electro-hypersensitivity?‘Electro smog’ is a term typically used by sufferers of electrosensitivity or EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) as it’s also called. 

While electrosensitivity is not yet recognised by medical science, sufferers claim to experience fatigue, nausea and crippling headaches when exposed to EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) generated by phones and wireless routers for too long. 

As more and more public WiFi points are set up and more folks buy phones, the cloud of ‘electro smog’ increases. Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report published today shows that on average, Brits spend nearly two hours a day browsing the web on their phones, with 66 per cent of homes now containing at least one Internet-connected phone. 

Edmunds says that over-exposure to WiFi and the radition emitted by phones interferes with our natural electromagnetic fields and is responsible for people feeling stressed out and negative. 

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), an estimated 1.5 million people died of HIV-related illnesses in 2013. Since the 2014 outbreak, WHO has reported over 11,000 Ebola-related deaths

Studies have shown that radio frequencies emitted by phones adversely affect fruit flies and ants, but there’s yet to be any study that examines the long-term effects of exposure to WiFi and mobile EMFs on humans. 

Alasdair Philips, director of electrosensitivity pressure group Powerwatch has called for a longer trial which examines subjects over a period of several days. 

While ES is poorly understood and may possibly be a psychosomatic disorder, it’s caused a pensioner in Brighton to spend over £4,000 coating her house with radio-absorbing paint

Edmunds himself has forked out £2,000 for an EMPpad, which apparently helps people suffering from rheumatism, insomnia and stress. The company that makes them, Self Health Group, even offers EMPpads for horses


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