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Norway to notch up world’s fastest broadband

Fibre optic broadbandNorwegian gamers will blast each other over a 200Gbps connection at a giant hacking event this Easter.

Visitors to The Gathering will see internet service provider Altibox double last year’s record-breaking 100Gbps fibre-optic connection.

Peter Andre Rykhus, product and marketing director of Altibox, which is sponsoring the event, said the 200Gbps connection would let a typical user download a 5MB music file 5,120 times in a second.

“The fact that we will double this rate in a year is an undeniable proof of how superior fibre technology is,” he added.
“Fibre’s symmetrical and near limitless capacity is the main reason we chose to concentrate fully on this already ten years ago.

“We set world records year after year, and this shows what we can achieve in the future.”

More than 5,000 computer enthusiasts are due to attend The Gathering from April 4 in Hamar, Norway, with many pro-gamers competing against each other.