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Nottinghamshire promises open door on broadband winners and losers

Nottinghamshire County Council has promised to reveal who will win and lose in its state-funded rollout of superfast broadband.

The council yesterday announced a £20m joint venture with BT Openreach to extend superfast fibre-based broadband to 95 per cent of homes and businesses.

They’ve told Recombu Digital that they will reveal where the unlucky five per cent will be who get only a guarantee of at least 2Mbps, so other network providers can get involved.

Nottinghamshire promises open door on broadband winners and losers
The secrets of BDUK are being revealed, one county at a time

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Rural Broadband and BDUKNottinghamshire County Council said: “We will be following the latest guidance from the DCMS, and we will release the rollout information when it becomes available.”

BT staff are expected to begin survey work imminently to determine exactly which exchanges, streets and addresses will benefit from the Broadband Delivery for the UK (BDUK) funding.

Culture secretary Maria Miller has told councils they can’t use the commercial confidentiality of contracts with BT to keep the information secret.

She’s also threatened to punish councils which won’t reveal their coverage plans by delaying access to extra funds for extending their rollout.

Community broadband projects and alternative network providers in other BDUK areas have complained that councils demand to know their plans, but won’t reveal the details of their BDUK coverage.

In rural Lancashire, farmers’ fibre broadband project B4RN found BT’s rollout under BDUK had been unexpectedly extended to a village which it had already committed to connecting.

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