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Now Facebook knows what you’re watching and listening to

Facebook is preparing a new feature that will allow it automatically listen in and recognise music and TV shows when you post from your phone.

If you’re posting a status update, the Facebook app will prompt you to include the TV show or song, and can even recognise individual episodes of some shows.

Facebook users will have to activate the feature, which is switched off by default, and works like Shazam, Soundcloud or Gracenote by distilling songs and other audio into ‘fingerprints’.

Now Facebook knows what you're watching and listening to
If you admit to watching Gogglebox, the shame is yours to own

“You may have seen a friend post a photo after a tough workout with a ‘feeling proud’ icon, or you’ve seen your friend check in at a coffee shop ‘drinking an iced coffee’,” said Aryeh Selekman, product manager at Facebook.

“In the last year, people shared more than 5 billion status updates that included these kinds of feelings and activities, sparking conversations with friends in a more visual way.

“Today, we’re making those conversations quicker and easier by introducing a new way to share and discover music, TV and movies.”

The new feature will be available on the Android and iOS versions of its app in the US in the coming weeks, but the company hasn’t said when it willbe rolled out internationally.

Facebook increasingly provides automatic prompts while users create status updates: if you use the location feature to identify a cinema, it will ask you which film you’ve watched.


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