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Now TV for YouView: Hands-on demo

Sky’s Antonia Salmon explains Now TV on YouView

As well as getting some hands on time with the Now TV iPad app, we got a demonstration of Now TV on YouView. Antonia Salmon, head of product for Now TV, talked us through the YouView app.

If you’ve seen our hands on with the iPad app you’ll notice right away that the overall look and feel is the same, but menus and navigation has been reoriented and redrawn for the YouView remote and the TV set.

Now TV for YouView: Hands-on demo

Salmon has high hopes for Now TV and YouView. “It’s a very important platform for us as it’s obviously going to be in millions of homes and we want to make sure that our new product gets in front of as many people as possible.”

Sky’s Simon Creasey said at the start of the launch that the aim was to get Now TV in the 13 million-odd UK homes that don’t have pay TV (Sky or Virgin Media) in the living room which, coincidentally, the same figure YouView is gunning for.

Then again, with only the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 getting HD Now TV for the time being, potential Now TV subscribers might instead plump for a games console in their living room instead of a £300 YouView box.

Salmon points out that from launch the movies you’ll be able to get from Now TV are the same as what Sky customers would be able to get from Sky Go – around 600 films with five new movies coming to the table each week.