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O2 and Be shed broadband subscribers, add fixed-line and mobile customers

‘Tis the season for quarterly results; Telefonica, owners of O2 and Be Broadband, has just posted its latest figures for last year to the end of March 2012 which shows a slight decline in subscribers over the last three months.

Subscribers are down by about 2,500, bringing the total number of those who’ve jumped ship since last year to 617,800.

A slight slump in numbers is perhaps unsurprising. Be Broadband recently announced that it wasn’t planning to launch fibre broadband this year. Loyal subscribers, gagging for some high-speed fibre in their lives, had already made it clear they were going to look elsewhere for their FTTC-based fun, but would return once Be had got some fibre under its belt.

On the flipside, growth in fixed-line telephone access and mobile subscribers has increased.

O2 Telefonica and Be shed broadband subscribers, add fixed-line and mobile customers

O2: Less fixed-line broadband customers, more fixed-line and mobile phone customers

There’s now 315,800 subscribers taking fixed-line phone services from O2/Be a huge increase from last March (116,100) representing nearly 200,000 new sign ups.

On the mobile side of things, O2 is reporting a 5 per cent year on year increase was reported. Demand for smartphones led the spike with ‘smartphone penetration’ increasing 41 per cent.

The MVNO deal with Tesco Mobile also added 137 thousand customers in Q1, bringing the total subscriber base for Tesco to reach 3 million at the end of March 2012.

Recently we’ve seen much healthier Q1/end of year results posted by BT, Virgin Media, and Sky – ISPs which, to some degree are selling, rolling out or mulling options on fibre-optic broadband.