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O2 reveals its first 4G mobile broadband locations: London, Leeds and Bradford

O2 has revealed the first 13 locations to benefit from its turbo-charged 4G mobile broadband speeds which start beaming down on August 29

London, Leeds and Bradford will be the first three cities to benefit from the rollout. By the end of the year, O2 4G will be available in a further ten cities. 

O2 says that it will reach five million people at launch and aims to make 4G available to a further two million every month after that. O2 eventually plans to have 98 per cent of the UK population covered both indoors and outdoors. 

O2 reveals its first 4G mobile broadband locations: London, Leeds and Bradford
O2’s 4G rollout will target the big cities first

It’s perhaps just as well for everyone who doesn’t live near the bright lights that the Mobile Infrastructure Plan is underway. This is a £150 million government project with will improve mobile coverage in rural regions.

Speedwise, O2 says that its 4G will deliver speeds five times as fast as its current 3G network, although admits that this is an estimated based on an Ofcom report that pegs average 3G speeds at 1Mbps and average 4G speeds at 6Mbps. 

O2’s 4G trials netted speeds of up to 150Mbps, albeit on frequencies it did not end up winning in the 4G auction. Given that EE is motoring ahead with 4G speed boosts, we expect that O2 will want to catch up with the competition. 

Prices for O2 4G will start at £26/month with a 1 month ‘Happiness Guarantee’ that means customers can switch back to 3G if they’re not totally convinced. O2 Business customers will also be offered tariffs for tablets and mobile broadband while Mobile WiFi plans will be announced over the coming weeks. 

EE currently offers 4G SIM-only plans for £21/month and already has 60 per cent of the population covered. Hopefully future 4G announcements from Three and Vodafone will trigger a price war so we can all save a few pounds.


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