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O2 launches 4G Mobile Broadband: Early adopters get 8GB for £25/month

O2 has taken the wraps off of a new 4G Mobile Broadband service, letting laptop owners connect to its superfast network for £15/month. 

To celebrate the launch of its new services, O2 is giving away the first month’s data allowance for free, letting customers make use of up to 5GB in their first month for nothing. 

O2 doesn’t quote headline speeds for its 4G services, as it’s tricky to accurately predict what speeds customers will get. Independent testing has shown that customers can currently expect speeds of around 16Mbps on O2’s network, faster than fixed line connections. 

O2 launches 4G Mobile Broadband: Early adopters get 8GB for £25/month
O2 4G on your laptop: Double digit speeds on demand

There are two kinds of plans available, rolling monthly plans and a 90 day plan. 

O2’s 4G Mobile Broadband monthly offerings are priced as follows:

  • £15/month – 3GB 
  • £25/month – 5GB  

Starting at just £15 a month, the monthly tariffs give customers a regular top-up of data, without being tied into a long agreement. In addition, customers choosing the £25 5GB monthly plan who sign up before the February 28, 2014 will get an extra 3GB to play with allowance, every month, for as long as they stay signed up to the 5GB plan. 

Any data that isn’t used up can also be rolled over and saved up, up to a total of 12GB. By the same token, should you run out of usage, extra data can be bought for £10 for an extra 1GB. 

Those who sign up for the one off 90 day top up get 5GB for £30, but there’s no data rollover and there’s no option to buy more data. 

O2 4G is available in 11 UK cities including Bradford, Birmingham, Nottingham, London and Leeds. By 2015, the network will have rolled out 4G to 98 per cent of the UK. By the end of 2013 O2 4G will be available in 12 cities. 


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