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Ofcom puts Sky at the top for Pay TV customer satisfaction

As well as ranking Sky the best for broadband satisfaction, Ofcom has announced that the satellite TV provider is also the best for keeping TV customers happy.

Sky came out the winner in a battle of two, with Virgin Media being the only other party. Overall, Sky came top for customer service – 71 per cent – with Virgin Media in second place with a not-too shabby 66 per cent.

Ofcom puts Sky at the top for Pay TV customer satisfaction

Within the last three months for both Sky and Virgin, the number of customers contacting their TV provider had gone down by 17 per cent from 23 per cent last year, suggesting an improvement in quality and customer service.

Of those customers who did call their pay-TV provider, only 17 per cent of Sky TV customers were ringing up  to complain, compared to 28 per cent of nagging Virgin Media TV subscribers.

In the majority of cases both TV providers completely resolved billing, faults and general inquiries made by customers, but overall it looks like Sky provided better levels of service.

Ofcom puts Sky at the top for Pay TV customer satisfaction

Virgin Media’s level of service slightly was better than Sky for resolving faults and repairs, with 66 per cent of faults totally resolved, compared to Sky’s 64 per cent. Even then, only 12 per cent of Sky’s repair calls went unresolved, compared to 15 per cent of Virgin Media repair jobs. The remaining 24 per cent and 18 per cent of repairs were left partially resolved.

Ofcom’s methodology meant that there wasn’t enough data gathered to deliver anything conclusive on BT Vision, YouView or TalkTalk TV so there are no figures for either of these services.

If more subscribers take up these services, we ought to get a clearer picture of the state of pay-TV in the UK and who provides the best customer satisfaction.