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Ofcom to manage sell off of MoD spectrum to operators

Ofcom has announced that it plans to sell off Ministry of Defence radio spectrum. 

The MoD, which currently owns the spectrum, said last year that it planned to sell 190MHz it previously used for military purposes. The regulator will now oversee the sale of the spectrum and make it available for commercial use. The sale could fetch up to a billion pounds, all of which will head to the Treasury. 

Ofcom to manage sell off of MoD spectrum to operators
Dunne Deal: The MoD’s old radio frequencies will be sold to the highest bidder

The spectrum being released is all below 15 gigahertz, which is regarded as the most useful and valuable part of the radio spectrum because of its wide range of applications. About 40 MHz located in the 2.3 GHz band and another 150 MHz above 3.4 GHz. Ofcom said this spectrum is suitable for mobile broadband uses. 

Ofcom said it had “significant experience and expertise in this area and is well positioned to manage the process.” Earlier this year the regulator completed the auction of 250MHz of spectrum for 4G mobile broadband services and since late 2012 have been providing technical and regulatory support to assist MoD’s release plans. 

Ofcom plans to publish a document seeking expressions of interest from potential users of this spectrum. 


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